Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coaching for Success

Cognitive coaching is about helping a person get to where they want to be. It isn't about helping them get to where you think they should be - that's teaching or consulting or parenting or bossing. It's more about listening - active listening.

I'm doing an 8 day course in cognitive coaching - and although I'm only half way through I better understand how to ask questions that help people to help themselves - an ideal skill for Student-Directed Inquiry.

In fact the official description of cognitive coaching is
to produce self-directed persons with cognitive capacity for high performance both independently and as members of a community.

You couldn't get much closer to the aim of this course!

Cognitive coaching is about 3 types of conversation - planning, reflecting and problem-resolving. In those conversations the coach does a lot of active listening and uses a range of strategies to help the person being coached to use their own skills to think through an issue to reach their goal.

The second half of the course begins in June - in the meantime I need to practice what I know. Lucky students! :-)

While cognitive coaching is designed for face-to-face conversations I think I can also use it online - in the comments I write on journals. I have already begun to use my new training when writing comments and I'll be interested to see how the responses compare with those of last year's students.

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Dr. Sanford Aranoff said...

Coaching, student-directed inquiry, all may be good. The main thing is that we have to understand how students think, and build from there. See "Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better" on amazon.