Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's all go!

Many teams are now focused on the short number of weeks remaining this year and are working to complete major stages of their project.

Here you can look around the DIM Studio - click to activate window then drag mouse to pan around room - mouse scroll to zoom.

The team in the corner are recording storyboard scenes for their machinima staged in GTA Vice City. Here they are sitting on the bonnet of a Vice City police car...

And doing numerous takes to get the scene right...

Last week Dr Ian Lewis gave a presentation on the new Games Technology Degree at UTAS. He talked about the wide range of industries that use gaming technology - including the video games industry which is now bigger than Hollywood and growing at 40% per year.

The new degree provides an exciting way to learn essential programming, design and project management skills that graduates can use anywhere - not just in game design. It also will provide access to computer labs with modern consoles for designing and critiquing games.

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