Friday, August 29, 2008

How will they rate?

I'm interested to see how SDI students will justify how they rate their products - games, machinima, video and scripts. Many have strong views on censorship and there is much discussion about the proposed R18+ for computer games. Ratings affect sales and distribution and many games have had restrictions placed on them in Australia.

Organisations like the Interactive Entertainment Assoc of Australia provide guidance for parents who feel lost when it comes to computer games.

But game demographics are changing with 1/3 of parents now playing computer games and the average gamer age now 28. IEAA's Interactive Australia 2007 provides fascinating insights into today's game players.



Fox said...

I'd have a rating of PG (for my project, Robaki) because of it's cartoon simplistic violence. It'll be a smash hit! :D
(Lol, pun)

Aletia said...

Aah.. I think our project will come under Oh-Crap-how-do-you-rate-a-house-!? ........

I mean we could always put art up on the wall.. of naked people. xD