Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Tools for Learning

We're in the top 10!

OK it doesn't mean that much but it's interesting to see that many of the learning tools we are using in this course have been rated highly in a survey of 155 educators by the Centre for Learning Performance Technologies.

We use seven of the top 20 tools: del.icio.us, Firefox, Google Reader, Gmail, Blogger, Moodle and twitter.

Wikis also feature in the top 20 and this tool was chosen by seven members of the Glassbiscuit Development Unit.

Also of note is that in the top 100 tools Facebook now comes in at 28 and Second Life has risen dramatically since last year to be number 41.

Google Earth comes in at 48 and this is certainly reflected at HC where many classes used it in 2008.


innle27 said...
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innle27 said...

It's good to see that the class is using some of the best software available for communication, networking, etc.

I, personally, have found our wiki very useful for these purposes.

Nicholas said...

Nice to see that we're not still running back in the 1800s here. Many of these tools have certainly been beneficial for us, with Twitter, Gmail and the Glassbiscuit wiki having proved themselves to be invaluable resources for me throughout the past few months. Not only this, but some of the presentations have actually been able to help me in other subjects, for which I give thanks.

- The Warmaster/Nick

Triz said...

Good to see we are using the latest/best stuff :)

Aletia said...


BUT. Apparently, I haven't. *Sigh*

This is somewhat along the lines of what I said last time:

"These tools are wonderful, I use them frequently and greatly appreciate that my ideas/work are set out in a readable/rememberable (That's so not a word) order.

Hurrah for using popular 'performance technologies'

party__over_here said...

these programs are excellent,

at first i doubted the concept of using twitter and other sights to communicate onlne, however after a while i realized the true benifits of these programs