Thursday, April 17, 2008

...brought to you by the letter C

Today's lecture was brought by the letter C - Middle C and CC Copyright.

The presentation began with some impromptu piano renditions by a number of people - one of whom got a big round of applause - and attracted the attention of a passing music teacher. She's played before! After the lecture we were treated to a duet.

The lecture on Creative Commons copyright had some hitches however as the letter B made several appearances with the boring buffering bogey spoiling the otherwise flawless performance :-) (Our internet bandwidth from our service providers has been throttled for some unknown reason - they are still working to fix it.) I should have downloaded the .mov files before hand...

The videos Wanna Work Together? and Get Creative present the Creative Commons concept very clearly.

I also like this explanation: A Tale of Two Fish by yiibu but I didn't try to show it...


Anonymous said...

Hey roger

i thought this was an excellent presentation to have because none of us new about the whole creative commons thing.

look forward to more presentations


leigh knopman

Roger said...

thanks leigh - creative commons has certainly made it easier to use the work of others - legally

Aletia said...

We all know what the best part of the presentation was...

Amelia's piano skills. Lol.

This was a rather fun presentation, mostly because of all the jokes being made at the lagging videos' expence, none the less it was a much needed to be discussed topic as I vouch, half the class didn't realise that there was such a thing as creative commons (Or maybe that was just me)
Still partially confused but it shed some light on the matter. Futher research needed on my part ^.^

Matthew said...

Hi Roger,

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and learnt quite a bit from it :-)

I belive the presentations are really good and look forward to seeing more in the future.

I now have a better understanding of the copryright laws etc...

matthew rigby

bugs said...

I've always wondered what the difference between C and CC was. Ok, it never kept me up at night but it's nice to know

Zoe said...

Hello there,

The lecture on Creative Commons is still ringing in my ear! It was an excellent lecture.

I was not particularly aware of Creative Commons and all of its usefulness.

Now that I am familiar with CC I am sure I shall practise it.

- Zoe

party__over_here said...

The creative commons lecture will probably end up being one ofthe most important lectures of the year

very relevant to nearly every one


leigh knopman