Sunday, March 30, 2008

Assessment AS Learning

Student-Directed Inquiry emphasizes assessment AS learning rather than the more traditional assessment OF learning where testing of what you know is often carried out at the end of units, topics or the year...

Essentially assessment AS learning supports student management of their own assessment - incorporating assessment FOR learning and even some assessment OF learning as required. It is about SELF assessment.

This course has FOUR criteria or ‘dimensions’ of learning. For each criterion we are looking for documented evidence of a range of ‘elements’. See presentation.

Learning and research tools can provide ways to capture, edit, organise and share work.

Regular use of these tools can help to improve the efficiency and quality of the documentation process required by the qualifications authority. These same tools also enable students to:
  • participate in learning communities
  • engage in accountable communication
  • manage learning and assessment
  • organise, authenticate and reference research
This level of self assessment will be new for many students - and may be challenging for some. Hopefully however it will become a natural part of the learning process and be fairer, more transparent and more useful than traditional assessment methods such as a three hour written exam.


Meelz said...

Hi Roger! This was really helpful, it gave me a really good idea of what needs to be done and it was straight-forward too. It's nice to have something explained simple for once =P

Aletia said...

I'm with this all the way =D

Considering I tend to forget everything when it comes to three hour exams and such, this form of assessment is GREAT.

Much more useful, giving students more control of their learning pace and style and far less intimidating =)

A great idea indeedy.

callum22 said...

I agree, it is a great idea. Plus the presentation reminded me of some things that I had yet to get done!