Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birds Eye Views

Sometimes the best laid plans... WORK!

Although some students have been a little frustrated with the first week of classes with multiple registrations/passwords/emails... it's starting to come together - well for me at least :-)

With all students in Gmail I can see who is online, hover over names and see faces, initiate chat, organise groups... Great for matching names and faces for the 50 new students I have...

With all students in Twitter
I get an over-view of class activity - and easily click to read individual 'activity logs'. This will also enable me to gauge participation and levels of engagement.

With all students in Moodle I can see who has accessed tasks, viewed resources and submitted assignments... and MUCH more.

With all students in 43Things RSS'ed to Google Reader I can keep track of each person's learning goals and targets...

Now that these are set up I can sit back and relax while online services and RSS do all the work... OK maybe not... but at least I can now realistically work on the personalised learning and teaching while the ICTs look after the data management side of things.


The Enigmartist said...

Whooo-hoo! It's like government monitoring. :P

But seriously, it most certainly makes it a lot easier to move between different websites and projects.

Even if it was quite a lot of mess getting it to a functional state!

Roger said...

For me the monitoring is a small aspect - it's also about sharing, collaboration, documentation and good management..

Hopefully most in the class will come to use the tools in all those ways as well :-)