Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Audio Plugged In

We have a new voice recorder for presentations - and it does a great job... even picks up comments from the back of the room... I was able to cut the file size down to about 5MB with only a little loss in voice quality. (Tip for next time - don't put recorder near laptop fan!)

Dirk recorded his Ethics presentation last week and this week I recorded the Reflective Learning and Virtual Worlds presentations with audio uploaded to Moodle - and only slight editing was needed where my laptop decided to snooze... (See moodle for presentation notes and audio.)

We hope this will give students the freedom catch presentations online that they may not want to or be able to attend in person ... The audio can obviously also be downloaded to an MP3 player...

I might try to do an integrated slides and audio in mp4 format later.

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