Monday, May 19, 2008

Virtual Work - Real Money

Mike, one of the high school designers in Skoolaborate has made it to the Wall Street Journal.

Have a look at the projected monthly incomes for these guys working part-time in Second Life and Entropia - up to $4,000.

With Gartner Research predicting 80% of active internet users will be in virtual worlds by 2011 there are great opportunities here for enterprising students with the right skills mix.

The kind of skill mix that one might develop in SDI: Interactive Media :-)

You can read more about why Mike got the job here.


party_over_here said...

seriouse stuff, good post roger

Fox said...

r0x0rs y0ur b0x0rs

Awsome stuff Roger, very interesting interactive media stuff. :D

Meelz said...

It's really good to know that it's possible for people to do what they enjoy and get paid for it. And from reading that article there is a bit of a moral story there too. Enjoyable to read =)